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Dermaplaning Perfection

By far one of my favorite treatments is dermaplaning. I utilize this treatment on the majority of my clients with great results as part of my Wow Factor Facial.

Dermaplaning provides an effective and safe exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper product penetration, boosting the effects of skin care products while making the skin look and feel smoother and also reducing the appearance of acne scars. The treatment also works to remove facial hair that can trap dirt and oils.

By removing that dead layer and hair from the face, the skin is evened out, and it helps with cell metabolism, which helps new skin come to the surface.

Myth: It does not make the hair grow back thicker and darker.

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Dermaplaning Benefits:

  • It can be performed often, there is no “downtime” to dermaplaning.

  • It painlessly exfoliates the outermost layer of the epidermis to stimulate cellular turnover.

  • It helps makeup go on smoother and more evenly.

  • It is a great option for clients with sensitive skin.

  • It can be performed prior to treatments like facials, laser, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels for better product penetration.

  • It can help significantly lighten postinflammatory scars from past acne.

Dermaplaning Downside:

  • The results might not be as long-lasting as other hair-removal methods, such as waxing, as the hair is not removed from the root.

  • Results will differ person to person depending on an individual’s hair-growth cycle.

  • Not everyone is a candidate. Clients with active and cystic acne should avoid this type of hair removal, as it can cause further irritation.

  • It is typically a bit more expensive than some other hair-removal treatments.

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