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Eyebrow Lamination! The WOW of BROWS

Eyebrow Lamination is amazing, and we are so excited to tell you all about it!

Eyebrow Lamination is a semi-permanent, noninvasive procedure that temporarily adjusts the direction of your natural eyebrow hair growth pattern for a fuller and fluffier appearance. In a nutshell, every hair “stands to attention”, giving an end result that is very similar to the effects of microblading, but without any of the “needling”.

The treatment works in 2 parts.

  1. A lift cream (keratin) is applied to your eyebrow hairs. This is to soften the hair which will allow us to work with your brow hairs to manipulate them into a new direction of growth.

  2. A nourishing neutralizing cream is applied to your brow hair to change (reconstitute) the structure of the hairs and “set” them into place.

Eyebrow Lamination is a noninvasive procedure and a great temporary alternative to creating thicker and fuller looking brows. By controlling the flow of hair growth you can cover more surface area for a fuller appearance.


How long does Eyebrow Lamination take? The entire appointment will take less than an hour, approximately 30-45 minutes.

Does Eyebrow Lamination hurt? Not at all! There is no discomfort associated with the procedure.

Is there any downtime after the appointment? After the procedure has concluded we recommend not wetting and/or not partaking in any activities that cause excessive sweating for at least 24 hours.

How often will I need to come back? The growth cycle of eyebrow hair is typically 90 days. We recommend receiving the treatment every 2-3 months to ensure we keep the integrity of the hair.


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