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Don't Pop It! We Specialize in Acne Prone Skin

Women popping Acne on her face

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions. At the moment, there needs to be more research to fully understand the causes of acne. Oil glands (sebaceous glands), located in the skin at the base of the hair follicle, excrete oil (sebum) to lubricate the surface of the skin and hair. Acne was previously thought to come from lack of normal shedding of the skin cells that line the sebaceous (oil gland) follicle. Acne is now viewed primarily as an inflammatory skin disorder.

A pimple is like a little pocket under the skin that contains oil, bacteria and inflammation. Squeezing it can result in the oil, bacteria and inflammation being pushed into surrounding skin and making the problem worse. It can also lead to temporary darkening of the skin and infection in that area.

In addition, inflammation can become so severe that scarring can occur when the area finally heals. This scarring can unfortunately, in many cases, be permanent.

If acne is something you battle with, we can help. At The M Factor Corrective Skin Care we specialize in acne prone skin.

Call today to schedule your skin consultation so we can find solutions for you and your skin: 702.499.6262 (by appointment only)

Some reasons why you shouldn’t pick and pop your acne:

  • You’re preventing your body from healing it naturally without scarring

  • You’ll tear your skin

  • You might make the pimple worse, making it grow and it can take longer to heal

  • You might create more pimples by applying more dirt and oil to the surrounding area

  • You might cause a scar in the area


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