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Fall Skin Prep

With summer behind us it's important to recognize the changes to your skin and your skin care routine as fall starts. Summer skin care tends to be focused on sun protection and oil control while your fall regime should include repairing any damage you did during the summer months and preparing / protecting your delicate skin from the cooler and drier months ahead.

Some Tips for Your “Gentle” Fall Skincare:

  • Exfoliate (gently) the summer build up of dead cells on your skin

  • Use a lighter (gentler) Facial Cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin

  • Use a richer Facial Moisturizer / Serum to nourish your skin in dryer weather

  • Continue to utilize an SPF to protect your face, hands and any other area exposed to the sun and fall elements

  • Add a Facial Primer to your routine that can act as a moisture locking barrier to help with longer lasting skin hydration during these drier months

  • Don’t use HOT water when washing your face or during your baths or showers. Extremely HOT water can lead to dry and scaly skin

Need some help with your fall skincare prep routine? We can help with our WOW FACTOR FACIAL - NEW CLIENT SPECIAL $99 (normally $145). Call for Appointment 702.499.6262

Our Wow Factor Facial is our Signature Facial and once we have determined your particular needs we will utilize a combination of services to best suit your skin type needs. These services will include a combination of: ​

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Dermaplaning

  • Mono-polar

  • Radio-Frequency

  • Microcurrent Oxygen Treatment

  • Custom Masks

  • Extractions

  • Saponification

  • Microneedling

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